Cleaning of commercial and industrial premises

Cleaning of commercial and industrial premises

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Cleaning of commercial and industrial premises

Are you not really satisfied with the cleaning service, maintenance and presentation of your property?
Do you feel proud of your premises when guests and clients visit?

Do you care about your employees working in the office, cleaned with low-quality and non-certified chemicals that do not provide favorable conditions for human life?

Over the past few years a lot of small cleaning companies entered the market of cleaning industry which decrease prices for their services through the provision of non-professional technique and the use of common household tools, which debase the quality of services provided. Better not to order the office cleaning, than wasting money and not getting good service.

We choose quality, environmental and integrated approach!

If you do not want to perform an unplanned repair, change carpeting ahead of time - contact the professionals!

Working in partnership with a professional cleaning company you not only save your time, nerves, and the company's budget, but also prevents wastage of carpets, furniture, office equipment, allowing you to postpone repairs and replacement of interior items!

Due to proper and timely cleaning you can significantly increase the period of time between repairs of buildings, structures, surfaces, that tends to save your money spent on maintenance.

Crystal Cleaning Services,LLC, provides a wide range of cleaning and accompanying services, such as:

1. Professional daily cleaning of offices, warehouses, industrial premises and surrounded areas.
2. General cleaning after construction and after renovation of premises
3. Chemical cleaning and care of carpeted, hard floor and marble areas.
4. Polishing and crystallization of marble floor
5. Wet cleaning of hard floors using machinery method
6. Soft and leather furniture cleaning
7. Outside and inside windows cleaning (with or without special-purpose equipment, including alpinism)
8. Carpet cleaning

  • Without using chemicals, but using special equipment
  • Wet cleaning
  • Cleaning using special chemicals

9. Polishing of parquet areas with applying a protective layer
10. Rental and changes of mats
11. Removal of household waste (containers)
12. Snow Removal
13. Cleaning of personal computers and other office appliances with vacuum with special heap-filter
14. Pest control
15. Purchasing and delivery of goods for kitchens and toilet rooms (inc. outdoor events)
16. Cleaning and maintenance of corporative apartments
17. Handyman, loader, sanitary, electricians services
18. Provision of technical personnel for cafes and restaurants
19. Maintenance of cooling machinery
20. Repairs services

We would be glad to calculate an individual proposal in accordance with your needs and desires.
Make a request for commercial offer right now and you will be contacted by our experts.

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