Function of technical coordinator

Function of technical coordinator

and supervision of
engineering equipment installation

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Function of technical coordinator and supervision of engineering equipment installation

A full range of services includes the following stages:

1. Preparation and approval of design assignment/project:

  • Development of sections of the design assignment, including a technological part according to the established standards;
  • Approval of the design assignment by Prefecture (head of district administration), GlavAPU (chief architect of the district), the chief engineer of the project, the Customer.

2. Collection of preliminary permission documents for the design project:

  • OSA about granting the right to the design and construction;
  • Assignment for development of design documentation;
  • Site plan (1:2000)
  • Geological preparatory basis (1:500)
  • Planning permission
  • Technical statement of work
  • Technical Specifications (TS) of heat, water, sewer, electricity accession (in OAO "Mosenergo", OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid", OAO "Moscow Heat Distribution Company", SUE "Waterworks", SUE "Mosvodostok", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "City Broadcasting network 'and etc.);
  • Engineering geological conclusion on grounds
  • Engineering report on the state of structures and utilities in case of reconstruction, alterations, improvements and major maintenance of the invested object.

3. Coordination and agreement of project documentation, depending on the type of work:

  • by the Prefecture of the region or by Administration of district;
  • by the district council;
  • by SUE GlavAPU or Chief Architect of the district;
  • by Rospotrebnadzor;
  • by Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection;
  • by Moscomarchitecture;
  • by SUE "Mosgorgeotrest" (in case of approval of layout and location plan and the master plan of engineering utilities);
  • by the maintenance organizations of all departmental engineering networks (with approval of consolidated plan of engineering networks);
  • by Traffic Police;
  • by SUE "Mosgortrans" etc.

4. Getting the governmental expert review on the project documentation:

  • checking the completeness of documentation supplied for examination and approvals;
  • removal of comments, together with project organization;
  • obtaining summary expert opinion;
  • passage of registration of project documentation and expert opinion in architectural cadastral register.

5. Opening of ATI order for works

  • preparing and checking of completeness of documents submitted to the administrative and technical inspections;
  • monitoring the implementation of provisions on the construction project (the project of works) and of maturity schedule;
  • closing of the order at the end of construction.

6. Facility commissioning

Therefore, the Customer of construction gets huge advantages in the case of co-operation with the Technical customer. The major savings are the budget economy, the reliability of a built construction and confidence in its durability.

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