Property management

Property management

and technical maintenance

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Property management and technical maintenance

We provide a wide range of services in property management and technical maintenance of engineering systems.

Property management

Organization of reception

Full administration of property

Planning, organization, implementation and acceptance of works: (including subcontractors’ works) content and maintenance of premises, engineering systems and equipment.

Organization of relations between owners / tenants with Property Management Company:

  • Control over unauthorized works on the redesign and refurbishment of building premises
  • Explanation for tenants of their rights and obligations connected with maintenance and operation of building premises, common areas

Organization of cooperation with city and service utilities:

  • monitoring and control of timely and full provision and maintenance of community facilities for all premises of the building
  • Control over contracting
  • Receipt and verification of invoicing, cooperation with MGTS, Rostelecom and Mastertel (Internet).

Organization of cooperation with city federal public authorities

Coordination of staff responsible for facility maintenance

Selection of special sub-contractors for maintenance of engineering systems:

  • maintenance control of the object by sub-contractors

Preparation of the annual budget, supervision and management of actual costs of building management

  • Carrying out activities to optimize operating costs
  • Organization of repairs
  • Formation of management statements

Organization works to improve employees’ skills

  • Carrying of periodic trainings
  • Monitoring and control of “health and safety” rules and regulations

Range of technical works and maintenance of the building and equipment in good condition

Full complex of cleaning services of any premises and surrounded territories, snow and trash removal, landscaping, windows cleaning etc.

Security services:

  • Organization of security services and control

Ensuring correct working conditions, accident-free and reliable operation of serviced central heating systems, water supply, sewerage and drainage

The development of measures to improve the reliability, quality of work of serviced central heating systems, water supply, sewerage and drainage:

  • Development of plans for inspection, testing and preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Conduction of comprehensive tests of sanitation systems
  • Quality control of works on installation of equipment

Removal and analysis of meter readings of water consumption:

  • Development of measures to prevent heat loss
  • Maintaining accountability about results of using of thermal energy
  • Verification of metering devices of water consumption

Preparation of heating units for the heating season, for using in the winter period

Ensuring correct working conditions, accident-free and reliable operation of power systems

Control of the state of individual items of protection for workers, their timely replacement and inspection

Carrying out technical rules on maintenance of cable lines:

  • Conduct insulation resistance measurement
  • Checking of appliances’ safety shutdown response
  • Carrying out of scheduled preventive routine maintenance

Organization of timely accounting of energy consumption of the building:

  • Monitoring and control of power consumption of the building
  • development of measures to reduce energy consumption rates, the introduction of new technology, contributing to a more reliable, economical and safe operation of power plants

Ensuring correct working conditions, accident-free and reliable operation of access control systems, CCTV, fire protection

Supervision of automated system operation of monitoring and access control to the building and the surrounding area:

  • issuance of passes, prescribing of access paths, reporting on system access, availability and access control of barriers.

Control of video surveillance system of the building:

  • viewing and copying of archival records

Supervision of works of automated dispatch control

  • communication with elevators and technical facilities, control of supply air systems and exhaust systems, status monitoring of electronic phases in the switchboards

Maintenance of fire protection systems and dispatching

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire reporting system
  • Automatic fire extinguishing
  • automation of fire pumps in the fire line
  • automation of domestic water supply

Supervisory control of fire protection systems:

  • work and the state of the fire management computer system, dispatcher panels, displaying the operation of automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps automation system in fire water supply, the state of fire alarm sensors, fire warning and evacuation systems

Control and adjustment of the office LAN and telephony.

Maintenance of construction elements of the building in a good condition

Minor repair of decoration elements

Dispatching services (24hour daily)
Emergency services

Elevator maintenance, including periodic technical inspection of elevators

Maintenance of ventilation systems, air conditioning, smoke and air overpressure in case of fire

Rat destruction and disinfection of the building

Technical and operational maintenance of cable lines (from the TP in the building to the RP in the city)

Collection, disposal and recycling of mercury-containing waste

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